I Love Chord Progression

A lot of people known to me ask – Why do you like Jazz Music? Really, I do not know. In fact, I should not. My parents always listened to classical music and I have no idea why jazz appeals to me so much. I love the chord progression, the freedom, the interaction and the rhythms. The best part of Jazz for me is when a person quotes from another song during a different song. I simply love that.

I do not want to sound elitist but I really want to convey the main reason why someone truly understands and appreciates Jazz. The reason is that they have developed a natural ear for music, any kind of music. If you can hear and really grasp the nature by which a written melody fits in with the chord changes without any need to see the music in print or read the sheet music then you should also have the ability to follow the creations of a jazz player. Music lovers all over the world truly appreciate sight readers but I, personally, believe that it still takes an ear to play or even understand jazz. This is a purely non-technical opinion but I prefer to stand by it. The very first jazz album that really moved me was the ever popular Take Five by Quartet. It was very exciting, playful, adventurous yet crisp. The balance of the group and the individual or the sound and vision is what makes Jazz so extra special. Here the group plays together but each member has a unique role. Each of the musicians listens to the music of the others, responds to it and lifts it. A jazz lover like me gets a chance to explore the inner boundaries of sound, song and the all-important group cohesion. Being an avid listener, I got the chance to travel these boundaries with Eric Dolphy, Evan Parker, Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane. The music was not my favorite every time but I never missed hearing the beauty.

I have fallen in love with jazz as nothing else in this world is so creative and diverse in this world of music. I love jazz simply because of what it is. I also love rock music but it is definitely not in the same league as jazz. The jazz music is more democratic in nature and is not a spectator sport (not the right word, probably) either for the listener or the player. Indeed, some people may feel that the listener also a player in a manner that is not profound in other types of music. I truly second this opinion. If you really want to be heard and hear then you simply cannot help falling in love with jazz.

(Submitted by Johnny B Lucas)

Music and the Feels

Sitting in the dark, flicker of a small flame keeping the room dancing, the music drives emotion. Do you know what I am saying, how it makes me feel? Jazz, and many other music forms I suppose, takes our mind to places we would normally not go. Our brain revisists old girl friends, arguments, and wonderful pleasures. We think, we feel. The. Another song comes on, and it all moves to another memory. Another place we once were. This is the wonder of music, as we revist our glory days.